Moomba & Hopscotch


After being up for hours this morning, I was restless and ready to do something fun. So I dragged my sleepy boyfriend out of bed (and by that I mean I tried to pull him out of bed but I have zero muscles so I really just annoyed him until he finally gave in). With a quick search on my phone for what was on in Melbourne today, and a very surprised look from Rhys, I discovered a festival I had never heard of before – Moomba. This is probably not new information to anyone else living in Melbourne but I have apparently been living under a rock and have not experienced the many joys Melbourne has to offer. As it was going to be a ‘hot but not too hot’ 31 degree day we thought it would be a good opportunity to wander around the festival and soak up some atmosphere.

One of my favourite things about Melbourne since moving here has been discovering the beautiful gardens and parks – especially the ones by the water. The festival is in a great spot of the city, and although we didn’t go on any rides it was nice to walk alongside the river, take in the sights, eat a delicious lemon crepe, and laugh at the ridiculous fools that dressed up as birds and attempted to “fly” (fall with style) into the river.


Soon we (mostly Rhys) grew hungry  for lunch and decided that it would be nice to sit by the river somewhere and headed to Southbank. We ended up at a place called Hopscotch that neither of us had been to before. It was a bit of a trendy beer garden with it’s fake lawn floor and copper pipe lighting. A pleasant and refreshing surprise was the fine spray of water that showered the tables to cool you down. I had a lamb souvlaki and Rhys had a beef burger, both of which were very big but very delicious. And, if there’s anyone out there like me that loves a good lemon, lime and bitters – a solid 10/10! I am a little unsure about their judgement on serving beer and bacon ice cream but I think I can forgive that small act of insanity and will definitely be back in the future.


It was then home time and it probably took a whole of 45 seconds for me to settle into an enjoyable afternoon nanna nap – the sign of a day well spent!



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