Top Ten: Clothing Sites

Does anyone else find themselves browsing shops and online sites searching for clothes and thinking to themselves “is there literally NOTHING out there that I like?!” Well this happens to me frequently and either I have absolutely no sense of style or, what I have found to more likely be the culprit, I’m just looking in all the wrong places. So, for anyone else in a fashion rut, here’s a list of a few classic favourites along with some recently discovered gems that I am loving right now. Also, I should forewarn you that my style is quite simple, I love basics and all things neutral colours – the majority of my wardrobe is made up of white, black, navy and way too much grey. However I think these sites have a good mix and a variety of styles.


You really can’t go too wrong with Asos. They have a bit of everything to suit everyone. They have free delivery and free returns which means you can try things out with nothing to lose! As someone that was *blessed* with extra height, I personally love the tall section, but there’s also Asos petites and Asos curve.


Sportsgirl has been a love of mine for a long time. There’s generally always something I like available. My favourite things to look for are their basics, knits and accessories.


Although there’s no longer an Australian site available I actually find things to work out cheaper from the UK site. Topshop is great for following trends at a more affordable price and has a lot of options. They are also good for a giggle here and there with some of their more ‘out there’ designs like the jean/tulle skirt combo.


A new discovery for me but I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of things I liked. I’m quite a simple dresser and I liked their trendy but basic styles in a range of block colours. Once again though, there’s quite a large range of differing styles. The only drawback to this one is store credit returns only.


I’m originally from Bendigo, and Frankie and Co started out as a little store out the back of a house on a very random street and has grown into a popular fashion destination. I especially find Frankie and Co useful as I get slightly older and want to get away from clothes that look a bit young or revealing but still fit in with current trends.


Definitely not one that I always love, I find a lot of items are designed for the very body confident (and those not trying to hide their muffin tops) however it’s definitely worth looking at and I have found some of my favourite items here.


Another UK site and one that is a little bit different and has an almost 60’s vibe to it. Joanie is great for some quirky, fun and  colourful styles. It’s quite affordable but the quality is also amazing.


I originally discovered Urban Outfitters on my travels and so wish that it would venture to our Aussie shores. Another large variety of options – just remember to factor in exchange rates. The homewares section is also a dream!


My favourite brands from Glue Store are Nude Lucy and All about Eve – definitely brands for the lover of simple designs and lots of basics. Nude Lucy is also a must if like me, you have a slight obsession for navy and white stripes (anyone else get picked on for owning too many striped items?).


Another new discovery for me but Surfstitch has so much more than I thought – awesome for hoodies and comfy clothing! It’s got all your surf brands, as well as street wear, and lots of sports brands as well. Like Asos, they offer free returns which is always a win in my books!

Happy shopping everyone and be sure to feed my clothing obsession and let me know any other favourite sites you have!